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We offer all the necessary information you require to start your career as a golfer. Golf is a game that has been played since time immemorial. The popularity of this sport keeps on increasing with time. With this in mind, we have come up with a comprehensive guide that covers all the essential information that will help you as you start or improve your skills.

Best Golf Push Cart Review

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that you are thoroughly furnished will all matters golf. You will get information on how to start out as a golfer, basic training, product reviews, online resources, how to join/ select a golf club and the equipment used to offer relevant information.

Instruction for beginners

To become a star in golfing, you require being armed with the essential basic training that will act as a guide and a platform from which you will develop your skills. You will get to know the different parts of a golf course.

A standard golf course is made up of five parts which include; the tee box, rough, fairway, hazards, and the putting green. Another critical component of this course is to learn the different types of golf tournaments. There are two primary kinds of playing the game; these are the stroke and match play.

Though there are two basic forms of playing the game, there are several variations when it comes to golf tournaments. Some are regarded as more “official” than others like the foursome Stableford and four balls. Others termed as non-official is; the greensome, Texas scramble, Ambrose, Skins, Patsome, Flag, and strings among others.

Golf equipment & accessories

A one of the most important thing you will find any golfer a bag are the different types of golf clubs. In this website, you will learn about golf clubs and their uses. Golf clubs are made from different materials. We have there wooden, iron, or you will get hybrids. Other types of clubs are the wedges and putters. Other necessary items that you find in a golfers bag are golf balls; some will carry water, some snacks and a few drinks for refreshments.

Tournaments and rules

As a golfer, you will require joining a golf club to enjoy the benefits of becoming a member including training and using their court for practice sessions.  You will get information on our website of the rules of the game and the process of selecting and joining an ideal golf club. Any sport has its own rules and regulations. Golf is not an exceptional clear guide on how to play and progress to professional golfing is crucial information that any golfer requires.

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