Best 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart | Review & Buying Guides Step By Step

Best 3 wheel golf push cartsIf you are a fervent golfer, you want to be careful about how you go about this incredible skill. The bustle of carrying all the golf clubs and equipment around the course without a golf cart can be exhausting, especially if you play a lot of matches.

You can carry your gear to the course easily with the best 3 wheel golf push cart. Impressively, 3-wheeled golf push carts are propelled by pushing them forward with the convenience of better stability than conventional 2-wheeled golf carts.

Wouldn’t you like anyway rolling them straight down the fairway effortlessly than golf pull carts? They are easy to handle with less fatigue on the shoulders as opposed to golf pull carts because your natural walking posture is directed generally pushing the cart.

In addition, modern designs have well-gripped ergonomic handles so you don’t hurt your hands. This review spares you the long search and unravels the best 3-wheel golf push carts, an irresistible catch the modern golfer can’t wait to try.

Things to consider when choosing the best 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

If you are a regular golfer you are likely to opt to buy your 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart as opposed to hiring every other time. This is cost-effective in the long run. While doing your shopping for an ideal golf push cart, what should it exactly come with if you are keen on a memorable performance? Let’s take a look.

Ease of handling

You don’t want to buy a golf push cart that is too heavy making it strenuous carrying your gear around the course. Enjoy moving around with your equipment and clubs without experiencing fatigue quickly by choosing a lighter but sturdy 3-wheeled golf push cart.


The cart should make it easy for you to quickly access your gloves, clubs, Rangefinder and other necessities while playing. Such convenience is significant to help you spare most of your time concentrating on the game.

Other factors to consider

  • Should eliminate the need for a caddy to save time
  • Bring your sense of style and professionalism you need in the course

Who needs this particular Product?

3-wheels golf push carts are not just a preserve of the seasoned golfers but also the beginners testing the waters.

Unlike 2-wheeled golf push carts, 3-wheeled designs are the best choice for those who have to carry a lot of equipment while in the course. This is especially appropriate if you to go for manual carts since they are lighter than electric designs.

In addition, if you are a regular golfer in need of easy control of the cart, 3-wheeled golf push carts provide you a clear path in front as you push it around.

In fact, in case you fall off anything from your cart, you notice quickly and pick it than in pull carts.

Are you a golfer with a sharp eye on golf carts that come with extra features and storage convenience? Then the 3-wheeled golf push cart is your ideal choice void of disappointments and worth your hard-earned savings.

How I select top products?

When it comes to golf push carts, having to know the quality design that matches your applications can be daunting.

Therefore, I look at designs with a smart braking system for effective control of the cart when moving downhill. Furthermore, the size of storage space is a primary consideration if am handling a lot of stuff.

Besides, I love a 3-wheeled golf cart that comes with the extra. This is why additional accessories and a strong build matters to me since I need a cart that is durable and is up to the task. Lastly, it should have a standard speed, be portable and easy to assemble.

Best 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart reviews

To make your work easier, I have reviewed some of the best 3 wheel golf push carts best-selling on the market today. These are incredible products that every golfer will love.

Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT

Having trolled from search engines to another looking for tangible statistics and relevant information about the most suitable 3-wheeled golf push cart, this sun mountain speed saves you the strain to settle for one of the most trusted brands: the Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT.

Are you the type of a fervent professional golfer keen on the looks of a golf cart? Then you are checking out the right golf cart.

The Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT is not only stylish but an ideal stunning appearance that will attract the eye of your golfing competitors.


Measuring 1 x 1 x 1 inch, the Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT provides you’re a 21-pound portable convenience for an awesome golfing experience. This implies you find it easy to move it around without using much of the energy.


Find this 3-wheeled golf push cart one that can accommodate quite a lot of your clubs and other golfing equipment, thanks to its improved upper bag bracket that is smartly crafted to fit its stand leg mechanisms.

Furthermore, it comes with a console tray with a cell holder for heightened cell safe handling. This allows you to concentrate on the game while able to quickly access your cellphone when necessary.

In addition, step up your golfing experience with this cart if you want a padded valuables tray and a scorecard holder to handle your extra accessories.

Folding and unfolding

As an ardent golfer with the need to save time, count on this 3-wheeled golf push cart E-Z latch System that makes it easy for you to fold it and unfold it.

Besides, expect to be thrilled by the fact that, when it comes to adjusting its height, this is your ideal time-saving cart for your professional golfing demands.

The Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT manages to fit the square back carry bag effortlessly where the click gear would have to sit seamlessly while crooked in.

Ease of use

Imagine navigating through rough terrain with your golf cart! The last thing you need is a design with weak wheels that would wear out quickly calling for replacement costs.

You can avoid experiencing such inconveniences from mainstream crafts by advancing your game with the Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT.

It comes with 12-inch diameter wheels that are strong enough to withstand the rough terrain while lasting you long.

I love the superb engineering of this 3-wheeled golf push cart because it takes very little effort to push around regardless of how much golfing balls, tees, gloves and other equipment you are carrying.

In addition, I was impressed by the fact that Sun Mountain has provided a lifetime warranty on this cart.


  • Has an attractive stylish design for modern golfing
  • Available in eight colors to choose from
  • Comes with sturdy wheel tires to last you long
  • Has easily adjustable straps that save time
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Wheels are 12-inch in diameter for easy navigation over rough terrain
  • Strong body construction
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • It is ridiculously affordable compared to conventional models
  • Compact and easy to fold for quick storage


  • The tire doesn’t come with the convenience of inflation; they are rubber-like substance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the handle adjustable?

A: Yes, it is easily adjustable saving time.

Q: I own the Sun Mountain C130 cart bag, would it be suitable for use on the Sun Mountain 2017 Speed Golf Cart GT

A: Yes, I have tried it before; it works out perfectly well especially when fitting.

Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart, Black/Blue

Do you want a 3-wheeled golf push cart that is easy to use and enjoyable to push around? Then the Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart, Black/Blue is not only your perfect choice but also a cart that is dedicated to your diverse golfing needs.

Durability and design

I love the idea behind the smart design of this cart; its all-black body is stylish and sleek. This is one cart that just looks amazing. I have to admit; its bright red interiors on the wheels caught my attention.

Furthermore, it is durable and worth the price at which it goes, courtesy of its lightweight aluminum frame body construction.

Most traditional golf push carts don’t come with a swivel front wheel but the Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart, Black/Blue is able to lock the wheel straight without much ado.

Customization convenience

Moreover, if you would want an umbrella holder on this cart without drilling holes through its tubing, it comes with holes on one of its sides. This will ensure you have the shade you need especially when it is hot.

Folding and usage

It comes with one-click easy folding experience especially when you need to quickly carry it or pack it to your car booth.

This is one of the easiest and fastest folding mechanisms in the market. All you need to do is just push a single button on its body design to fold the cart.

Apart from that, you will get a storage bag for effortless packaging. Impressively, the general weight is


Could you be a golfer that likes playing a lot of games in different rough terrain environments? With this 3-wheeled golf push cart, you don’t need to worry about such.

The front wheel appears a little bit smaller in size than its rear 2-wheels and they take most of the weight.

This and the inclusion of swivels on this cart makes it easy to push it forward and turn it around is also remarkable. Nevertheless, the wheels are sturdy and equally easily removable.

What’s more? As a professional golfer, in case you are pushing this cart downhill and want to control quickly the speed, you can bank on its top-notch foot brakes to bring you safely to a stop. The tires are airless with low maintenance.

Additionally, the handle engineering has ensured you have a stable handle gripping for easy control.

Storage and Capacity

The console brings you a scorecard holder you can access easily including an umbrella holder, cup or bottle holder. Additionally, you will have the main storage for placing your golf bag securely in position with the brackets. The bungee cords also help stretch and expand to accommodate the bag.


  • Comes with a complete scorecard holder
  • Has a storage compartment, drink holder and umbrella holder
  • Single-push folding mechanism
  • Portable for quick storage
  • Easy to use
  • Has a Swiveling front wheel with locking option
  • Boasts low maintenance airless tires
  • Carries one-year warranty against manufacturing defects


  • No clip comes attached to the body to hold umbrella holder

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you go about adjusting the handle height?

A: You can modify the handle height. If you want it in a lower position, you have to adjust it to the horizontal and vice versa.

Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart

Could you be in love with the game and want to upgrade your handling of golfing equipment without much of the strain?

The Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart is not just the ultimate convenience worth your dollars but also sturdier and up to the task.


There are so many reasons why you can’t find it hard to rely on the Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart.  Do you like your golf carts sturdy and long lasting?

This is your ultimate lightweight aluminum frame design worth your dollars. Additionally, you don’t have to think of replacing this design any near the future.

Frame: Just like most other carts from Spin It this trolley has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it sturdy and very durable.

Wheels and tires

The 3-wheel design of the cart makes it not only just stable but also easy to push around. In addition, this cart provides you airless tires which you don’t have to refill every other time or regularly check pressure.

This means the Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart is your ideal cart for little maintenance.

Folding and handling

Be thrilled by the ease of folding and unfolding on this cart by just one-click saving your time. I love the exceptional adjustable handles the cart comes with emphasized for perfect gripping and rubber coating.

Hence, this makes them one of the most comfortable to hold on your hands for longer than any other peer in the market.

Braking and the accessories

Safety of your equipment is the primary goal to avoid fall offs and incurring any unnecessary replacement costs.

This is why the Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart has a superb foot brake system. It is easy to locate too.

Moreover, expect to find an umbrella holder, scorecard holder and a compartment to help you store your water bottle or cold drink for your golfing hydration needs.

Usage convenience

Are you into golfing? You don’t need to worry about assembling this 3-wheeled golf push cart, it is effortless and in case of any challenges, it comes with a simple manual to follow.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Effortless folding and unfolding
  • Has airless tires for less maintenance
  • Comes with a scorecard, water bottle, and umbrella holder


  • Not a great choice for those with small body sizes
  • I don’t find it an ideal option for the rough terrain
  • Not my style of a golfing look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of this cart?

A: It weighs only 3 pounds

Q: Is it easy to adjust the height?

A: Sure, it is one of the easiest models to adjust to the market. 

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

Nothing struck me like the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart especially when it comes to the fun of maneuvering it. It is thrilling to push it around, thanks to the dedicated engineering behind its craft.


Design and storage

Immediately you have a glance at this cart you realize it embraces one of the most impressive engineering especially its body construction suited to modern golfer demands.

Precisely it durable, thanks to the sturdy aluminum frame that runs on its main attachments. Notably, the aluminum frame is weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about its rusting in case you are caught inevitably in the course with the rain.

In addition, it is light in weight, the convenience you require for portability and storage at any given time. All the storage areas are a little bit deeper to allow you to pack in more items than its competitors safely.

In case you need to do quick storage of this cart and you don’t have much of the space, it embraces a 3-step folding procedure that is fast, effortless and makes it convenient for compact storage and transportation.

Wheel and tires craft

3-wheeled golf push carts boast better stability and control than 2-wheeled designs. This model comes with extra wide wheels suitable for the rough terrain. Furthermore, they are durable.

The wheels are impressively lightweight for easy removal and replacement. The tires come in solid foam with minimal maintenance.

Usage and safety

While in the course, you will like the fact that the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart assumes a stable position.

The added upper cart bag is able to prevent the golf bag from possible twisting throughout the round, thanks equally to its adjustable support arms. Remarkably, it comes with a handle that you will find comfort in gripping.

Additionally, the handle has been crafted to suit people of different heights, portable at a weight of just 15 pounds, one of the lightest amongst its peers in the market.

To ensure your game goes on smoothly, this cart embraces top-safety thanks to its efficient braking system that is perfectly mounted on the front wheel for its easy control.

The extra

As one of the unique push carts that go beyond what it is worth, you will have a deep scorecard holder that includes golf ball storage and an integrated GPS/mobile holder.

In case you are thirsty and want to dehydrate, you have a beverage or water holder to fit in your water bottle and other materials of equivalent size. This is your ideal Top-lock technology for a dedicated golfer like you.


  • Has stable straps that will keep your golf equipment firmly in place
  • Straps are made of excellent material
  • Comes with pivoting front wheel for easy maneuver
  • Adjustable handles to different heights
  • Comes with enough and deep storage space
  • Has holder for the scorecard, golf ball, beverage, GPS device, water, and other stuff.
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Made of the aluminum frame that is water resistant
  • Compact in storage


  • I find the bottle holder a little bit inaccessible. There needs to be some design and positioning improvement
  • Doesn’t have brakes on both sides
  • Takes a little longer to fold
  • This is not a cart you can store in a car booth with a golf bag attached

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this design come with the locking and unlocking convenience of the wheels?

A: Yes, this is a Lock/unlock craft.

Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart

Are you looking for a lightweight golf cart that provides easy maneuverability and stability? The Clicgear Rovic is an amazing product that is designed to serve you for many years.

Body construction and design

Lastly, the Rovic RV1S three-wheeled cart by Clicgear is none like the other. Boasting a streamlined frame of durable construction, it is easy to push on any golf course; this is your durable ideal cart for zero future replacement costs.

Furthermore, the body has been made lightweight for effortless portability and quick storage saving your precious time.


Use and safety

Any golfer in love with the convenience that comes for the game will appreciate a 3-wheeled golf push cart that is easy to control.

This is why the Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart comes with a swivel front wheel that is light in weight for heightened maneuvering.

Use its main lock fold button to set it up quickly and its quick push button for effortless folding. Moreover, you can utilize its foot brake to not only pack it but bring also to urgently stop it wherever you want to.

Besides, to avoid losing grip of this remarkable golf push cart, the handle has a soft design that will also enable you to push the cart around for long without causing harm to your hands.


Are you in need of the extra space to pack all your clubs, golf ball and much other equipment during your next game? Then count on the large console of this craft wide enough to accommodate more.  I like too the stylish look of the multi-feature console.

Additionally, this cart provides you with an umbrella mount, a cup holder, and 2 accessory tabs. If you want to enjoy storage convenience, this is the ideal model that folds to 13″ x 15″ x 24″, making it one of the compact designs and an incredible choice for any golfer.


  • Has a built-in accessory storage
  • Comes with a handbrake
  • Made of lightweight aluminum for easy portability and mobility
  • Has an umbrella holder
  • Has a quick push button for effortless folding


  • It doesn’t come with a cup holder on the side of the handle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible for the Clicgear seat to fit on the Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart

 A: I don’t think so. Neither is this possible in any of the Rovic models.

Q: Does it come with a lifetime warranty?

A: Yes, but you can make a request for it from the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

Chances are, if you are a fan of golfing and like playing the game in different locations, you might come across golf courses that are not conducive to pushing around your 3-wheeled golf cart.

Hence, opt for a design that has a stable wheel system. Furthermore, if this is the case, consider buying a design that is strong and able to withstand the harsh terrain while lasting you for long. Remember; don’t compromise on cost at the expense of quality. In addition, you need a cart that is easy to dismantle and quick to put together.

Also, you can choose a cart that has large wheels for extra stability in such golf courses, especially for the convenience of negotiating around rocky places.  I love tires that are made of rubber because they offer the much-needed support a serious golfer can rely on while moving around.

Furthermore, chances are sometimes you might carry heavy stuff. This is why you need to check your cart before you pay. It should have a handle with comfortable gripping for your hands and the handle should size up perfectly in your hands.

The last thing you need is a cart with a handle that will leave your hands in pain after a busy day of pushing it around. Apart from that, check that the handle is of good quality.

Lastly, if you want a cart that is lightweight, pick designs that come with less extra features to reduce the overall weight. I hope any of these top 3-wheeled golf push carts will inspire your golfing experience for a great performance. Golfing is supposed to fun out of this world.