Best Driver For Amatuer Golfers | Review And Buying Guides

The Best driver for amatuer golfers are the ones that will enable a new golfer to execute a picture perfect opening and make long distance shots. The process of choosing the most appropriate golf driver could prove to be a daunting task since there are many offered in the market.

Golf is believed to be a game of the affluent. Among the necessary equipment to be used during the game is the golf driver. This plays a pivotal role in the game and thus it’s wise to research on different options available for beginners to explore as they commence their golf journey.

Best driver for amatuer golfersWe are going to vividly review a variety of the golf drivers highlighting their pros and cons in a bid to enlighten the new beginners. In this light, there often occur different discussions on how to effectively go about this. The most often asked questions being; how far does it go? Is it user-friendly? What is the price? Is it worth every penny am about to spend on it?

On this post, we are bound to end your oblivion. In choosing the best golf drivers there consists of a number of factors that have to be put into considerations. We are going to outline these factors and create a remarkable picture of how to go about choosing your first golf driver as an amateur.

It is often presumed that high-end golf drivers integrating the latest technologies are good for all golfers, but this is not the case as every driver is designed for certain golf pro level. This cuts all across the board thus every amateur golfer should take this into consideration when choosing the first drivers.

 Best Driver for Amateur Golfers reviews

The following are the top Five Best drivers for amateur golfers selected by our experts among the many brands available. If you are thinking of buying a driver, read these reviews first.

The cobra man kings f6 is among the best drivers that are not only used by the amateur golfers but the other golfers too. It is a modernized kind of Golf club with amazing technology that collectively helps to increase its swing speed thus also increasing the ball and also the area covered. The driver has formidable pictures like speed channels, an f6 center of gravity tuning, MYFLY-eight with smart pad and an elaborate and easy to use EP face.Best driver for amatuer golfers The Cobra uses a speed channel exclusively to increase ball speeds across its face. This integrates an awesome use of an engineered channel along the face perimeter that thus minimizes its thickness in its bid to improve its ball speed.

The Cobra also has a titanium E9 face. This exclusively creates a variable thickness design that is also not clunky thus making it more suitable to improve the size of the sweet spot. The shaft is graphite and thus comes with four package flexing options. These offer a variety of flex options.

The driver is light and user-friendly thus many golfers find it adorable to use and it’s well balanced. This makes it feel comfortable all through your swing. The driver comes with a user-friendly aesthetics. It offers a friendly and full-bodied look and it’s not clunky or clumsy in nature.

What we liked

  • Its adjustability works according to product precisions
  • One rarely misses while using this driver
  • The full-bodied look and its user-friendly nature makes it handy for beginners morale
  • It has a unique speed channel that comes in handy in increasing ball speed.
  • The drivers offer a variety of flex options unlike other golf drivers

What we didn’t like

  • It might feel too light and whippy for more masculine golfers.
  • The stiff flex launch conditions might be a little too flexible for some golfers.

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2 TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver

This is a very high performing driver that the majority of the beginners find it easy to use. It offers one of the best MOI ones can get in a driver thus one is bound to achieve impressive swings that yield to impressive distances. It has the following features; adjustable loft sleeves. Inverted cone design, speed pocket and also a crown design.


The driver features a graphite shaft that also increases its flexes levels. It is well featured in a black and white design that creates an impressive look. The driver also features the new cutting-edge 460cc sleek newly innovated shape that is engineered with a circular toe raised middle crown abridged drop from pinnacle to the skirt and hosel appendage.

It also features a new speed docket that does not only reduce spins but also raises the sweet spot size. It is built with a new lightweight shaft thus it’s not clunky. It has the white finish on head and murky PVD appearance and an undeviating aerobunner that makes alignment easy.

What we liked

  • It has a redesigned speed docket to make sure that one often gets maximum forgiveness irrespective of the point of impact on the club face
  • The shaft is made of a lightweight product that makes sure the driver is not clumsy in use.
  • The Driver has adjustable lofts sleeves that make it easier to tune one’s shots by choosing the loft that best suits you.
  • The product also features a high MOI that boosts the driver’s control and precision during shots
  • The unique design of the driver which is a twisted face greatly enhances accuracy for ball speeds

What we didn’t like

  • The lightweight shaft may be so whippy for more masculine golfers.
  • Some golfers complain that their M2 does not come with a head cover.

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3 Callaway men’s epic driver

The product is a well-architected masterpiece that entails high-speed low whirl characteristics that is also incredibly forgiving. These are an excellent pick for anyone looking for a beginner driver. The drivers are always essentially about speed and distance. This is what most golfers look for in a driver.

Best driver for amatuer golfersThe driver uses modern technologies to enhance its performance abilities. This includes opting fit adjustability, maximum shaft load, RMOTO face technology, and speed test crown. The driver provides a variety to choose from in terms of weight and professional level.

The new innovative technology integrated into this changes the way the nut and face act when they hit the golf ball. This gunner’s more velocity across a colossal part of the face for amplified regular distance and area covered. It has a modern touch of exo-enclosed also a triaxle carbon pinnacle. This is the lightest ever made Callaway driver. This yields more speed as it is not bound to antique and clunky limitations. It entails high-liftoff, low swirl designs.

The head is streamlined thus increases the speed that is created incorporated due to the direct input of aerospace experts. This improves swing speed thus also has an impact on ball speed. This helps this driver to cover more distance. The driver also incorporates low weights that provide more control and precision during shots.

What we liked

  • Provides good distances for all hits whether center or a mishit.
  • Has opted fit adjustability that is an excellent addition to the driver.
  • Uses aerospace technology to minimize drag thus increasing speed.
  • Reduces spin despite major misses
  • It adds accuracy to all your drives as compared to other clubs and drivers

What we didn’t like

  • Many golfers tend to complain that it takes longer for them to adapt to the driver.
  • The driver’s face has been deemed to be a little hard for some golfers to align.

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4 PGX Offset Golf Driver

This is a unique driver that incorporates impressive offset technology that reduces slice by always using a square face. The driver has a matte black finish that is very attractive. It offers a colossal sweet spot that provides optimum forgiveness levels. It is a lightweight driver that comes with an after the sale of head cover.Best driver for amatuer golfers The driver is an epic offset that is bound to reduce slice thus helping golfers as it enhances precision during shots due to the impact of the square face. The 460cc offers an amazing sweet spot thus making sure that a golfer gets optimum forgiveness irrespective of the area of impact.

It is a lightweight driver that does not only evert the effects of clumsiness but also has the amazing weight distribution that makes it feel balanced during its use. The matte black finish gives the driver an elegant outlook.

What we liked

  • This driver is deemed to be economical thus one gets an excellent driver without having to spend a lot of money.
  • The club is user-friendly and thus easy to hold with an extremely excellent grip.
  • One gets a head cover that he uses to secure the driver
  • The large and sweet spot helps create precision with every shot
  • The matte black finish gives the driver a sleek look.
  • The offset technology takes the driver’s performance a notch higher.
  • It is light thus any golfer can swing it without a lot of constraints.

What we didn’t like

  • Extra colossal sweet spots are not allowed in some tournaments.
  • The driver is always shorter thus not putting into consideration the varied height of different golfers
  • In as much as it reduces slice, one risks losing distance

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5 Mizuno Golf Men’s JPX-900 Driver

This driver is encompassed around a lightweight perspective of a golfer. The driver is also a king when it comes to customization as like custom fit golf club it entails varied ways for golfers to generate exact precision when it comes to flight, launch, and spin. The two eight gram weights can be strategically positioned in separate slots along the fast track to influence precision and spin rate. Adjustable weights are also used to determine the golfers preferred ball flight.Best driver for amatuer golfers The club contains amazing loft adjustability that makes it easier to fine tune flight conditions. This is through the use of adjustable hosel. These manipulation ability projects this driver not only as a haven for beginners but also as a driver that can be used by professionals.

The JPX 900 also delivers an amazing distance because of its lighter clubface that helps to accomplish excellent ball speeds on shots either properly struck or mishits.

The driver comes with customized options for a player of different pro-levels. This helps in choosing for beginners as one is able to test and choose one that best fits his gaming needs. The driver has formidable adjustability that is a benchmark point. This highly suffices its performance. Mizuno also integrates visual face angle technology design for its products.

The visual face angles allow a golfer the laxity of setting the face angle open, neutral or closed. Sound and feel punctuate the excellence in a Mizuno. The company has gone beyond its normal obligations to create an acoustic tune for the product and the sweet zone has also been significantly expanded.

What we liked

  • The driver is highly adjustable thus creates ease of use for golfers as one is able to customize it to his/her specifications.
  • The driver is light thus delivers high ball speeds that cover colossal distances.
  • It actively provides awesome precision during shots.
  • Provides excellent ball speeds on mishits.
  • The size of its head which is 450cc has a hosel that can be adjusted in order to ensure a spin of any liking.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with an headgear to protect it
  • Some golfers of more masculine nature might find it too light and whippy.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing Best driver for amatuer golfers

So what do you need to look at when selecting the Best driver for amatuer golfers ?

Cost of The Driver

Golf is always deemed to be a game of the high-end society. Thus in as much as golf comes with the affluent groove, beginners should look opt for the more affordable drivers when purchasing for the first time. In golf it is believed that the pricier the driver is, the more professional experience it requires to swing.

Thus in as much as one is pumped up with the affluence nature of the golf, he should choose a driver that is of high quality and more importantly a comfortable driver that best suits one’s game level. It’s needless for a golfer to choose a more expensive driver that doesn’t best suite his gaming level. While in your adventure of exploring your first driver, buy one that you like and can use comfortably. In light of that, one should also compare prices from different stores so that he is not ripped off from the effect of impulse buying.


The driver has different materials that all play a pivotal role in its functions. One needs to effectively consider the head and shaft materials as this equally play an important role in the driver’s performance. There are various materials that bring efficiency to functionality. Different manufacturers use different materials when making their driver’s heads.

These range from stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, titanium, and other alloys. According to research, in as much as the titanium ones are expensive, they are deemed to be most effective. The steel one is known to be the cheapest. It is always advised when one is on an extremely tight budget and wants to acquire a driver for practice. The material in the shaft also matters graphite is deemed to be most for the beginners. The graphite is believed to have a flexing effect. Steel shafts, on the other hand, are believed to provide better control and precision.

The shape of The Head

The head shape is an integral part of the drivers. The drivers come in organized four-sided and round heads. The beginners are thus tasked with picking amongst the two heads when looking for their first drivers. In the light of this daunting task, one is recommended to choose the shape he/ she feels most contented while swinging.

Round drivers are all the time best recommended for the amateur golfers. Rotund drivers are deemed to be more user-friendly as they are not heavy and antique as the square ones. Thus the beginners are not probable to get trapped on the turf before the action. Swinging in the round shaped drives keeps you in the even whereas also improving your prowess.

The advantage of having a speedy swing speed is that it also upsurges the ball speediness. Thus it is most effective that the beginner uses round shaped heads to cover additional distance thus getting their fairway shots.

Length of The Shaft

The shaft distance plays an important in a golfer’s life. The measurement of the shaft should have proportionality to one’s height. If one is short it is not advised for one to pick a driver with a lengthy shaft as it will be precisely tough to swing. This also applies to tall people. When one is tall, it’s not advised to buy a short shaft as it will affect ones shooting control and precision.

In this light, one might also need to, measure the size of his/her arm and also decipher the most suitable swinging styles in a bid to determine the best size for you. It is also good to note that new and most modern drivers are longer and not clunky than old ones. This essentially means that they come with more length and lightweight thus more control and precision.

The Driver’s Loft

The loft acts as the compass for your golf. The loft will determine where the ball goes. Although many golfers tend to assume the pivotal role played by the loft angle, it is an important factor that determines the ball’s location. Golf is essentially played and won on the terms of how much one is able to determine the ball location.

It is thus advisable for every beginner to consider the loft of the driver during shopping. It is best advisable to choose drivers with high loft as it is most effective in location precision. A driver with lower loft is often bound to side spin. This also makes it harder for beginners to get the ball high and make it fly.

The Launch Conditions

One has to be well-acquainted to the launch conditions of his/her own driver. During this one becomes adapted to the conditions of his/ her driver. This essentially determines the swing speed and direction the ball takes. It is thus advisable that beginners be sensitive to the launch condition that best suits their swing and direction precision needs.

There are many factors that affect the launch conditions the key ones being the ball spin and the launch angles. Spin rate and the speed of the club head also come hand in hand. This plays a key role in determining how fast a player can be able to swing the club and the amount of energy that is being translated to the ball.

Final Verdict

The market offers a variety of golf drivers for beginners. It is important to note that one should not go wrong with his/her choice of drivers as this forms an important set of one’s golf kit. Beginners often face difficulty while trying to pick their first driver. This is always due to lack of enough insight on drivers and prejudged conceptions that most pricy will be the most effective.

It is important to factor in all aspects of a golf driver in a bid to find a driver that best befits one’s physique and game needs. Beginners should always be keen and make sure their judgment is not clouded by impulse buying due to attractive outlooks.