Best Electric Golf Push Carts In 2020 | Review And Buying Guides

Technology has revolutionized the world even in golf. Previously players had to worry about carrying their heavy bag of golf clubs up and down the course. For those that did not want the extra exercise, they had to get a caddy. Well, not anymore, the best electric golf push carts are going to take over golf courses everywhere. Now with the invention of electric golf push carts, you can walk hands-free as you enjoy a round of golf with your pals.

I remember when I first saw an electric golf push cart. It was just an ordinary sunny Sunday as we were standing around with my golf buddies, bickering about the previous week’s game. Suddenly we saw this golf cart pass right in front of us, riding on its own. The owner was just a few meters behind it, matching on hands fee without a care in the world. Our conversation was obviously diverted and for a second we just stared at it as it gracefully rode down the golf course. Right there and then we knew we had to have one.

Ever since I and my golf buddies decided to buy one of these electric golf carts, it changed the game for us. How do you ask? It made it better and, we could now just concentrate on the game and later brag about who has the latest model electric golf cart. To be on top of your game and the envy of your golf buddies, keep reading to find out the best electric Golf Push Cats on the market. First things first, we need to know features do you look out for before buying that superb electric golf push cart. Here are some tips, to get you on your way.

Best Electric Golf Push Carts Comparison Table

Best-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart
best golf push carts
Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart
Best Electric Golf Push Carts
Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy
Best Electric Golf Push Carts
Golfer Pal Easy Electric Auto – Folding/ Unfolding Golf Push Cart
FTR Caddy trek R2 Robotic Electric Golf Cart Caddy Trek

Best Electric Golf Push Carts Reviews

The following are the top Five best electric golf push carts selected by our experts among the many brands available. If you are thinking of buying an electric golf push carts, read these reviews first.

Best-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart

The Best Caddy X4R is a lightweight, foldable golf push cart. It weighs 63 pounds and can be folded into one peace.  It has a secure bag feature and comes with a free accessory bag to hold your umbrella, cup scorecard and also a seat. Some optional accessory features include a rain cover and a sand dispenser. If you are ever hitting your ball towards the sandpit, then this is the cart for you. With this electric golf push cart, you do not have to worry about getting tired of the golf course as you can just put out the seat and have a rest.

Stability of the cart is also ensured since it has an anti-tip assembly on its front wheel. Flexibility and comfort are also ensured because it has an adjustable handle. The battery life is also long lasting since it can up to 8 hours on full charge and cover over 27 holes, therefore you do not need to worry about power running out on you. It also has a USB port enabling you to plug in your phone charger and even charge your phone as you are comfortable playing around.

It has been incorporated into a free-wheeling technology hence enable you to save on power when necessary especially when moving downhill. The body is made of stainless steel and aluminum and is quite durable, allowing you to carry the large amount of load.

This electric golf push cart has been incorporated into a cruise support function also helps you to control the speed it will travel and despite the type of terrain, it will travel at this speed constantly. To crown it all, its timed advance function is a wonderful feature allowing you to set the time it can move ahead of you and this can be for 10 minutes, 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

What we liked

  • Long lasting battery
  • Foldable function
  • Anti-tipping feature
  • Adjustable handle
  • Time advance function
  • Cruise support function

What we didn’t like

  • Uses a lot of power
  • Limited color options

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Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

This is a one of a kind electric golf push cart. Firstly, it has the follow me feature hence as long as you keep a good distance from your push cart, it will follow you. The Bluetooth follow me technology ensures that you no longer need to worry about losing sight of your push cart.

Best Electric Golf Push CartsIt also has a remote control in case you need to move it right, left, forward or backward. Its design is also impeccable and the greatest thing about it is you can use any golf bag. I like this feature particularly because I like to match my bag to my outfit so I have quite a number of different bags I different design.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow also comes with a wide range of accessories such as ball holder, scorecard holder, and handset holder. Another great feature is its stability. The large back wheels ensure it always stays upright and moves swiftly whether moving uphill or downhill. It is actually designed to handle particularly hilly terrain so you can be assured you golf clubs are safe. The lightweight lithium battery also ensures it is light and that it moves swiftly at any speed.

What we liked

  • Lightweight lithium battery
  • Variety of colors
  • Follow me feature
  • Great stability and design
  • Use of any golf bag

What we didn’t like

  • Not compactable/ foldable
  • Can be a bit pricey

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Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy

This golf push cart has a length 33.5 by a width of 23.5 and height of 14 inches and it weighs 59.1 pounds. It features aluminum and stainless steel frame hence you are assured it is both strong and durable. A great feature about it is that it can be controlled manually. This is due to the rheostat, so you will never get stuck on the green when the battery unceremoniously runs out.

Best Electric Golf Push CartsHowever, you also do not have to worry about the battery running out because it has a long-lasting battery. Did you also know that its remote control feature works all the way up to 90 -120 yards, so even when you are some distance away, you can always control t to come closer to you.

Have you ever experienced your push cart tipping over and you have to stop in the middle of the game to pick it up? Isn’t upsetting it? Well, with the Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy you do not have to worry about that. The retractable rear wheel stabilizer ensures your push cart never tips over. In terms of speed, it can go up to 5.4 mph and can climb up to 30 degrees with a battery of 200 watts.

This one high-quality electric push cart also comes with additional features such as a cup holder, scorecard holder, a seat and an umbrella holder. I personally, like the seat feature as this gives me an opportunity to take a quick rest on the golf course before moving on to the next round. All this is also collapsible into a slightly smaller size to enable to fit better in a car or trunk.

What we liked

  • Free accessories pack
  • Remote controlled
  • Variety of wheel designs
  • Rear anti-tip wheel
  • Can be manually controlled

What we didn’t like

  • Limited range of colors
  • A bit bulky 59.1 pounds

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Golfer Pal Easy Electric Auto – Folding/ Unfolding Golf Push Cart

Without looking any further, the best feature of this electric push golf cat is the automatic folding and unfolding feature. The one-touch of a button enables it to fold automatically into a compact size. The Golfer Pal Easy Electric Auto Folding/ Unfolding can also move easily over rough terrain and it is made to distribute the weight evenly over its four large wheels.

It has a lithium-ion battery of 12 volts and a charge that lasts a long time of up to 25 holes. This battery lasts for a while, up to 6 months and is hence to be very reliable. Some electric golf push carts come with too many features and functions with complicated operations distracting you from enjoying the game.

The fact that it is also simple and easy to control and operate is a plus. I definitely see myself buying this for an older uncle that does not have the patience for complicated technology. These simple features enable it to be easily affordable, unlike its counterparts that are rather pricey all due to extra complicated features. You can easily buy two at a go, one for yourself and another for a friend or family member and maybe even get a discount.

Some additional accessories of this electric golf push cart are the umbrella holder, scorecard holder, cup holder and ball holders. You do not need to carry around extra things in your hands that will all be catered for and you can walk around hands-free as you enjoy the game.

What we liked

  • Auto folding and unfolding function
  • Long life battery
  • Stable movement
  • Classy appearance
  • Compact size

What we didn’t like

  • Requires very careful handling
  • Requires routine maintenance

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FTR Caddy trek R2 Robotic Electric Golf Cart Caddy Trek

The FTR Caddy Trek R2 Robotic electric Golf cart is one of the most stable golf push carts out there. It has been engineered with straight line tracking and a gyroscope. This means that even when the robotic electric golf cart encounters rough surface, it will keep moving in a straight line. Isn’t that great? Now you no longer need to worry about your golf cart riding in the wrong direction as you are trying to find your golf ball.

Best Electric Golf Push CartsThis FTR Caddy Trek has a matching mode that ensures it will always be right there in front of you, allowing full concentrating on the game. This is done by clipping the handset on your waistline enabling you to become completely hands-free. A great thing about this feature is that it can be operated by multiple players. Ever heard of a golf push cart that is actually part of the team? Well, this is it. It can also be operated manually in case you need to or in case the battery runs out. The battery life is however very dependable as it can last up to 27 holes.

When you think of a sturdy electric golf cart, think FTR Caddy Trek R2 Robotic electric Golf cart. What is great about the FTR Caddy Trek R2 Robotic electric golf cart are the wheels? These are of great design and quality. Bid but not too big, hence can support a good amount of weight. The addition of the fifth wheel makes that possible. There is no denying that this electric golf cart is the perfect golfing companion on rough terrain. With this electric golf cart, there will be no more tipping over. Who would not want their golf carts to remain safe, clean and secure?

What we liked

  • Lightweight of only 8 pounds
  • Moves in a straight line
  • Smart robotic technology
  • Strong and sturdy wheels
  • Can support a lot of weight

What we didn’t like

  • High power usage
  • Some people may find it complex to use

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Golf Push Cart

So what do you need to look at when selecting the Best best electric golf push carts?

Battery and Charge

An electric golf push cart can have two types of batteries, sealed lead acid based batteries, and lithium batteries. The lithium batteries are more advanced technology. They are smaller, more compact and lighter in weight but most importantly they have greater power. This battery can also operate at very low temperatures since it does not freeze and also at high temperatures. It also has a longer life cycle than its counterpart the sealed lead acid batteries, is energy saving and environmentally friendly.

When considering the charge, it is good to consider one that uses less time to charge. Lithium batteries take an average of 2 hours or less to charge and can last up to 27 holes to 36 holes depending on the voltage of the batteries. The faster charging and longer life of the lithium batteries are, of course, the best option and you can quickly recharge your batteries as you take a rest and prepare to hit the green for another round.

Quality of Wheels

There is no debating that the stability of the golf cart is of great importance. You would not want your cart tipping and falling over all the time, would you? The wheels need to be the right size and number. A three wheel golf push cart needs to have the two back wheels a bit bigger and studier for support. While a four-wheel golf push cart can have all the wheels the same size but still is able to distribute the weight evenly.

Having an electric golf push cat means that the wheels can be controlled remotely. This is for functions such as maneuvering and steering or distance timing and cruise control. Keep in mind also that the wheels should be weather and water resistant. Since you cannot accurately predict the weather, why not invest in a pair of all-weather wheels for your cart?


Having additional accessories is a great perk. Carrying around keys, your phone or wallet can be bothersome if you are trying to get that perfect angle to get a hole in one. Would you not want somewhere convenient to place them? Well, now get a chance to do just that. As you go out shopping, keep an eye out for an electric push golf cart that has extra side pockets or a carrier to tie around your waist.

When it comes to accessories for your golf push cart, comfort and functionality are key. Features such as a cup holder can be great to hold your ice cold drink on a hot sunny day. Additionally, you can also get a golf scorecard holder, a phone holder, a ball holder and what is even more exciting is that, for some makes of golf push carts, you now have the option of customizing the accessories you need for your cart. Isn’t that just awesome?


When buying an electric golf push cart, you need to consider, how long it will serve you. You also need to consider what you will be required to do to keep it in tip-top shape. Like any machinery servicing, it is important. First, find out whether you can be able to do regular servicing and maintenance work yourself or if it would require additional professional maintenance.

The former is better because you will not be incurring any additional maintenance costs generated from hiring professional help. This can include something simple such as keeping batteries clean and changing them regularly to greasing of the gears, tightening wheels to something a bit more complex such as replacing work out or frayed wires.

The good thing is that there are also a lot of videos online on how to service electric golf carts. If an electric golf push cart has an online video or users guide manual on how to service the golf cart the better. So the simpler the service and maintenance to ensure a long serving electric golf cart, the better. Who would not want a long-serving golf cart?

Compatibility and Size

Electric push carts come in a variety of sizes. Bigger pushcarts have more features hence the larger space, the more the features, the bulkier the pushcart. The smaller version is, however, lighter and easier to handle. Some golf push carts can also be collapsible o folders to fit into smaller spaces or to make it easier to carry.

However, constant assembly, folding and unfolding means the pushcart will wear out quicker and therefore requires more care in handling. It may also require more regular maintenance. The size of the golf push cart is a personal choice depending on your needs.

Ease of control and use

When it comes to actual usage, the simpler and easier the electric push cat is to move, the better. Some control features include brakes system, speed control, cruise control, freewheeling, memory, tracking, and distance. The most advanced electric push carts need to be easy to use despite having a wide array of controls and features.

For easier control, the pushcart needs to have a reliable brake system such that it does not roll away out of control when going downhill. The cruise control function ensures the cart moves at a constant speed whether going uphill or downhill. This helps the cat to keep up the pace while the distance advice allows it to maintain a certain distance ahead of you so that you can always keep track of the pushcart. Some pushcarts have the free-wheeling technology and allow the pushcart to engage or disengage power when necessary to enable you to save power.

Final Verdict

The invention of the electric golf push cart was received with a lot of excitement from golfers all around the world. It has greatly improved and made playing golf even more fun. Nowadays you do not need to worry about the additional cost of hiring a cat o a caddy. These electric push golf carts have come with a wide variety of features that make it confusing and difficult to decide between two brands.

When purchasing an electric golf push cart, it is important to consider the basic features such as the battery life and charging, easy of control and use, durability, quality of wheels and service requirements. After considering these essential features, you can now have your pick of the best additional features such as space, design and a wide variety of accessories.

It is definitely a smart investment that will ensure your comfort, relaxation while playing a round of golf with your friends or colleagues. You no longer need to carry around a heavy golf bag that will wear you out quickly, just go electric. If you and your friends all decide to get themselves one of these, you can have fun also comparing who has the best electric golf cart after a great round of golf. It is time to up your game and to get yourself an electric golf push cart. Get here more golf related product resources and Now let’s go golfing!