Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 | Review & Buying Guides Step By Step

The price for becoming a professional golfer who is very precise and accurate hence revolves around several aspects. The major being finding the best golf rangefinder under 100 . This device is designed to aid you as a golfer to accurately determine the distance you ought to cover to get to certain fixed points within the golf course.

The modern-day golf rangefinders come with high tech touch that allows you to have sharp focus when gauging the distance. They are fitted with powerful lenses that are very effective in magnification and clarity. What is more, there has been an invention of the laser golf rangefinders that are even more precise when measuring the distance for golfers.

Currently, the market is flooded with diverse golf rangefinders of different quality thus the need to assess your choice well before making the final purchase decision. In this review, you will get a well-detailed highlight of top golf rangefinders under 100.

Best Golf Rangefinder under 100: Our Top Picks

The following are top Five Best Golf Rangefinder selected by our experts among the many brands available. If you are thinking of buying a Best Golf Rangefinder under 100, read these reviews first.


Suaoki Golf Laser Rangefinder

This product is specially designed and made to suit your needs as a golfer by Suaoki Company. This golf rangefinder will only cost below the $100 mark. This is quite affordable when weighed against the great benefits attached to this product thus you will not have to worry about value for your money. The Suaoki golf laser rangefinder is made with laser tech so as to achieve high precision under optimum conditions.

Moreover, this product will give better performance when the weather is unfavorable such that there is fog when compared with similar products in the market. This golf rangefinder is very accurate, effective in distance estimation and allows you to build your shooting skills for better performance. The key features that make this golf laser rangefinder to be considered among the best products by professional golfers are well covered below in this review.

Suaoki Golf Laser RangefinderReadings

One thing that is so unique about Suaoki golf laser rangefinder is that it gives clear and very accurate readings of distances. You will never have to strain to obtain the measurements to your target before taking your shot. It has a maximum range of 600 meters which is equivalent to 656 yards. This goes a long way in ensuring you get the measurements on objects and targets easily at quite a long range. Remember, how accurate your readings are. The more accurate your shot will be to ensure to secure a golf rangefinder will clear and accurate readings.


When I go out to purchase a product, I choose one that will serve me for quite some time before it becomes absolute or even wears out. I believe this applies to you too and for this reason, the manufacturer has made this product in a way that it lasts you for a long time giving you quality services at all times. The make material is strong enough to withstand mechanical damages from small falls which might come in accidental ways. Not only that, the product comes with a carrying case to ensure maximum safety and protection as you carry it around out there on the golf course. The batteries that come along with this product are durable too and will offer you service for a long time.


The success of optical gadgets is highly pegged on the power and efficiency of the lens. The lens incorporated within the make of Suaoki golf laser rangefinder is one that provides you will good magnification, clear focus and enables you to get the best view of the target. This lens is designed to help you achieve the highest level of accuracy when doing distance estimation as you take your shot. The lens of this product measures 21 mm. The lens which is objective in nature has a magnification power of 6X thus allowing you to visualize your target clearly. What is more fascinating about this lens is the fact that you can adjust the focus to bring your target into clarity and enhance accuracy.


This is one critical aspect you ought to consider before the purchase of any device. The comfort of the device will go a long way in defining your experience with the device. The Suaoki golf laser rangefinder is such a comfortable gadget to work with.  This is mainly brought about by the fact that the device is highly portable due to its weight and compact design. The product weighs only 152g with the other dimensions constituting of 106 x 35 x 73 mm.  This not only makes it easier to carry around from point to another but also makes it easier to package it in its carrying bag. The storage becomes easy due to the weight, shape and compact design.

What we liked

  • Comes with a high-speed detection range of between 0-300km/h.
  • The lenses have clear and adjustable focus.
  • It allows the user quite a big range when doing the distance estimation.
  • The magnification of the lens allows for easier target detection.
  • It is easy and comfortable to use as well as the store.

What we didn’t like

  • It is suitable for use during bold daylight else the readings may be unclear.
  • Require high level of keenness otherwise you get inconsistent results.

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Halo XL450-7 Laser Rangefinder

This product from Halo Company caught my eye due to the great design and branding on it. However, that is not the main reason I would recommend you to acquire it but rather, it is the great features that come along with it. This product will be a great guide and aid when you are calculating the distance between you and your target. It is accurate, precise and very reliable in distance estimation for both professional golfers and even the amateurs who are working to better their skills.

This product of quality is quite affordable as it is priced at $97.52. Though the device was initially meant for identifying hunting targets, it can be resourceful for golfers to enable you correctly identify your target. When you take your time and assess this product against similar products in the market including those of higher costs, you will concur with me that it is indeed among the best golf rangefinders.


The fact that this product measures the distance in both meters and yards makes it ideal for you in several places by people who use different units of measurement. The readings are well elaborate and clear under the optimum conditions.

This product besides giving readings for distance in meters and yards also indicates the angle of slope to allow you to do the right adjustments before taking your shot. While using this product, you will appreciate the fact that it accurately gives accurate readings even at long ranges of up to 450 yards. What more can you ask for when a device is giving you such clear, elaborate and accurate readings in diverse units!


I am very certain before you purchase a product you want to know how long it will last you before you think of getting its replacement or even repair it. Well, the Halo XL450-7 Laser Rangefinder will not disappoint you when it comes to this as it is made to last for quite a long time. The make material is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high solar insolation. It is also free of rust and lot thus will serve you for a long time before being worn out.

The batteries that come along with this product too are very durable that they can serve you for a whole year.


The main reason why we may need to acquire an optical device is to help us formed clear magnified images of the target objects we are dealing with. As such, the lenses of Halo XL450-7 are made in a way that they provide you very clear and accurate focus on your target. The eyepiece holding the lens allows you to smoothly twist it so that you can achieve a better focus on your target.

The magnification of the lens is 6X which makes your target very clear thus you are better placed to make any necessary adjustments prior to your shot.


The high portability of this product makes it very cozy and comfortable to work with out there in the field. It comes with such a lightweight and compact design that it allows you to easily pack in when in transit.

The grip of the halo XL450-7 laser rangefinder is another enhanced aspect of the product that makes it comfortable to work with.  This grip allows you to firmly hold the device while in use and keeps your hands from being sweaty.

The high adjustability level of the device enhances its use.

What we liked

  • Give clear and magnified images of the target.
  • It is easy to use due to a great level of adjustability.
  • It is durable due to the quality make the material.
  • Very affordable.
  • Highly portable owing to the compact design and lightweight.

What we didn’t like

  • The readings are only useful and clear under optimum conditions.

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Tasco LRF600 Golf GPS Rangefinder Black

Are you a professional golfer looking for a quality yet affordable golf rangefinder to aid you in your training and in the competitions? Look no further. This product from Tasco Company is the perfect solution you need to be given that it incorporates quality features and that not-withstanding; the device is allowed in tournaments.

This product allows you to get the accurate distance to your target within the shortest time possible before taking the shot. It covers a relatively long range meaning you are able to get distance estimation of any targets including those not located within short distances. The design makes it even more convenient not forgetting the modern touch given to the device.

The black golf rangefinder costs $139.99 and ships to various regions across the globe. It comes with a simple control button that you can use to switch on and off your device. This has made me convinced that this product is a great choice for any individual who wishes to be a pro at golf.

Tasco LRF 600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Black


Tasco LRF 600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Black records very accurate readings both in meters and in yards. The readings are well displayed for easier reading by the user under optimum conditions. This product is very precise when taking distance measurements within short and long ranges up to 600 yards. This makes it very convenient for any user since there are no limitations on the distance except in rare cases where the golf course extends beyond this range. What is more, is that the readings are easy to interpret and taken within a very short span of time.


The Tasco LRF 600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Black is made to last for quite a reasonable time and help the user to achieve the intended purpose. The material used to come up with the device is one that is can withstand diverse weather conditions. The product is less prone to rust and rot. In rare cases will you get the device suffering mechanical damage due to accidental falls while out in the field doing your practice. The carrying case that comes handy with the package kitty is very useful in protecting and maintains the device. The case ensures that the device is not exposed to dust which eats into such devices.


The best optical devices are those that provide you with clear and well-magnified images of the target object. The lens of Tasco LRF 600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Black is such that it comes with a magnification of 4 times the original object. The image is very clear which again allows you to make a very informed judgment before taking your shot. The enhanced aspect of the lens is that the image is captured through the LCD readout feature. This ensures you correctly differentiate your target from other obstacles along the path. The eye relief of this device is designed to facilitate smooth image observation through the lens.


I must commend the manufacturer given that they were so articulate with the grip of Tasco LRF 600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Black which ensures that you have a firm grip while you are operating with this device. The compact design too will make you enjoy using this device as it will allow you to carry the product around for your own comfort. The device is very comfortable especially when considering the size. You can fit it in your own pocket or attach the carrying case to your side. When it comes to comfort, be sure this product will not disappoint you.

What we liked

  • Clear well-magnified target images.
  • The carrying case provides safe storage and additional protection against dust.
  • The device offers you range options of up to 600 yards.
  • The device is not limited to training only; it is legal in tournament competitions.
  • It provides users with very accurate readings of distance.
  • The product can be shipped to several regions of the world.

What we didn’t like

  • The accompanying accessories contribute additional costs.

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Voice Caddie VC 200 Golf GPS Rangefinder

Looking for a device that decodes messages in your own language? Then I recommend you sample out the Voice Caddie VC 200 Golf GPS Rangefinder. This product is designed with the most innovative technology so that it recognizes several languages which include; Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and Swedish. This quality product is of great help in making you a pro in golf sport. This is because it is easy to use the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. It combines the voice recognition feature with GPS location recognition so as to estimate the correct distance to your target.

From the attractive design to the simple modes of operation, you will enjoy every bit of this product. It is rated to be the lightest and smallest rangefinder considering other GPS rangefinders that are multilingual in nature. The device goes for only $99.99 which is very affordable considering the services it renders to the users.


When it comes to recording and taking the distance readings, this device does it differently from the rest but at the end, the results are as accurate as those recorded by other golf rangefinders if not better. This device automatically detects and measures the short distance to your target and is able to automatically recognize the distance to the hole. All it takes to have the best and most correct readings obtained is to have a clear and unobstructed path to the target for easier GPS recognition.


The voice caddie VC 200 Golf GPS rangefinder is made to serve you for a worthwhile before you can start thinking of replacements or frequent repairs to keep it going. The make material is carefully chosen so as to withstand the harsh environments that the device might be exposed to thus giving it a longer lifespan.

The device plastic material enhanced with electronic components ensures that the device is less prone to rusting, rotting or even cracking due to excessive solar insulation. The rechargeable batteries of the device are also durable as they can serve you for 9 hours of continuous use before you recharge them.


Unlike the other golf rangefinders which rely heavily on the power of the optical lens to give accurate distance estimations, this device relies on the GPS feature to give distance measurements. So as to match the other devices, the package kit of this device is very rich with accessories that are all aimed at achieving high accuracy in distance estimation. These include but not limited to a power adapter, a ball marker, quick guidebook manual and a USB cable.


The lightweight of this device coupled with the compact design makes it very comfortable to work with. You can with minimal struggle pack and carry the device in your pocket and use it at your place of preference or need. The guidebook manual outlines clearly the simple guidelines you ought to follow so that you can measure the distance within the golf course as you take your shots. These guidelines make you feel at ease when using the device as you are certain of what you are doing thus minimal chances for errors. If you asked me to recommend the most comfortable device to work with, I would definitely tell you to go for this innovatively made device.

What we liked

  • The GPS feature allows users to get the most accurate readings when doing distance measurements.
  • The device is highly portable making it easier to operate and use.
  • The device is durable.
  • It comes with a rich package kit with several accessories.
  • You are granted the device without being charged the subscription fee.

What we didn’t like

  • The accessories bought alongside the device leads to additional costs.

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 Loft-house Pro-Scope 400X Golf Rangefinder

Loft-house Golf Company has made a name for itself in the market for producing such quality products that provide you with a memorable experience. This golf rangefinder is the solution you need to attain the highest performance in the golf sport. It is very accurate when it comes to distance estimation and will grant you clear large images of your target. It has been made with a modern touch making its usage, maintenance, and operations very easy for you.

Loft-house pro-scope 400X golf rangefinder comes in a very attractive design making it appealing to your eyes or even the eyes of your audiences. It incorporates quality features that make it top class when compared with other similar products in the market. It is worth noting that this golf rangefinder covers quite a good range of up to 400 yards and it is allowed for use during tournaments.


The modern make technology of this product allows you to record and read the readings with ease. More credit to this product when it comes to readings is the fact that it can record very accurate results under optimum conditions. Under a clear sky with no rain or fog, this golf rangefinder will give you accurate readings within the range of +/-1 yard. It is able to record readings within the range of 5 to 400 yards thus making it very reliable for short and long shots. Purchasing this product will guarantee you correct distance measurements which are very clear thus high readability.


One top consideration to make especially when dealing with costly items and products is the lifespan. For how long will the product in question serve you before you think of replacing it or it commences to wear out. This is why the manufacturer of this golf rangefinder ensured that the product is made of quality material to make it durable. The material makes the product suitable for use even in harsh conditions such as a hot day. It is well safeguarded against dust thus it will not start malfunctioning due to damage. The carrying case that comes handy with the product during purchase ensures that your device is well protected during storage and while on the field.


The loft-house pro-scope 400X golf rangefinder stands tall among other optical rangefinders due to the great power of magnification attached to its lens. The lens is able to magnify your target up to 6 times its original size which ensures you make the right decision before firing your shot. The eye relief of the product also is well designed so that you do not strain to get a clear field of view when using the lens to observe your target. The lens is enhanced through modern technology to give you the much-desired pin lock accuracy to your target. What is more, the lens comes with a microfiber cloth that assists you in cleaning and maintaining the lens.


My major reason why I recommend my friends to acquire themselves this golf rangefinder is the comfort it offers the users when out there in the field. From the grip to the ease in taking the readings of our estimated distance, this product is just awesome to operate with. The carrying case despite providing safe storage and carriage also makes it easier for you to access the device from a strategic point when in the field. The grip of the product is well fixed so that it allows firm holding and at the same time prevent your hands from being sweaty.

What we liked

  • You will be able to get very clear and magnified images of your target.
  • The compact design and light weight make it easy and comfortable to work with.
  • It is well guarded against mechanical damages by the carrying case.
  • The lens is easy to clean and maintain through the use of the microfiber cloth.
  • It allows the users quite a good range.
  • It has a very high degree of accuracy.

What we didn’t like

  • The accessories might constitute additional costs.

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 Feature Video:Golf Rangefinder Tutorial 

Things to Consider before Purchase of Golf Rangefinders

In order to have the best golf rangefinders that will give you value for your money besides bettering your sporting skills as far as golf sport is concerned; you need to be very keen on the following features before purchase.


The main objective of acquiring this product is to build on your accuracy in distance estimation. This thus means that the product you purchase must be very accurate in measuring distance under optimum conditions. The optimum conditions include clear weather with no rain, fog and with proper daylight. The golf rangefinder you purchase must be one that has a very minimal error in distance measurement else you will not achieve the main goal of building your skills.


The higher range for any golf rangefinder translates to a great benefit for you.  You are able to measure long distances with a high degree of accuracy building your confidence even more. This implies that you need to assess your product before purchase to get the range it covers. If you intend to cover long distances, get a product with a higher range.

The best golf rangefinders are those that measure distance accurately within a yard over a distance of 1000 to 1300 yards. Such golf rangefinders allow you to point and aim with great ease. The accuracy of such products is generally higher as opposed to similar products with lower range thus take your time to get golf rangefinder with good range.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance which is measured from the last surface of any eyepiece within which your eye can obtain full viewing angle. Well, this distance has to be just right since when your eye is outside this distance, you get a reduced field of view which again means you cannot get the correct estimate for your desired distance.

Some eye reliefs are designed so that they protrude to the outside while others are made in such a way that they indent to the inside of the device. Here, it will be a matter of personal preference so as to pick that which works best for you as long as you get the right measurements.

Slope Adjustment

Since the moment I discovered the usefulness of golf rangefinders, one aspect I have come to appreciate is the slope adjustment feature. This allows me to actually gauge and get the actual distance between me and my target. When my target is on a sloping surface, all I need is to make the necessary adjustments and I am set to go.

This way, you will not have to make abstract estimates to your target and this contributes to the overall accuracy when taking your shot. This is one feature I advise that you check and countercheck as it enables you to perfect your accuracy even when not using the golf rangefinder like in competitions where it is not allowed.

Optional Targeting

This is what you need so as to correctly identify your target before taking the shot. The manufacturer has designed this feature in a unique way so that it enables you different your target from other obstacles along your line of shot. With a good optional targeting feature, you always aim at your correct target and more often than not, you miss the flag by a small margin.

You thus need to ensure you get a golf rangefinder which provides you with the best optional targeting feature so that you do not end up mistaking another target as your prime target. This coupled up with the above-highlighted features will make you enjoy the services of a golf rangefinder to better your golfing skills.

Final Verdict

Acquisition of a golf rangefinder will greatly benefit you as a golfer whether you are an amateur or a pro but still active with the golf competitions. The optical golf rangefinders which are actually many and diverse in the market are quite good and affordable. These products are quality assured and will ensure you do very accurate distance estimation to your targets with minimal room for errors. They will offer you quite good ranges thus allowing you to take that perfect shot.

Nevertheless, I would highly rate the Voice Caddie VC 200 Golf GPS rangefinder that despite its high affordability brings a whole new experience with distance estimation in the golf sport. The device is very accurate and can be suitable for people from different walks of life since it can recognize several languages. It has been made with modern technology touch which makes its operations easier and user-friendly. It is highly portable and durable to serve you for quite a long time. Sample any of the golf rangefinders and get the experience yourself.