Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement Review

Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinderThe Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder comes with pin locking structures and slope technology. The slope function makes the Callaway 300 Pro legal for play since it can be turned off with one click of a button. It can measure the angle of declined or inclined fields and calculates the distance accurately.

It engages Pin Acquisition technology Mode to lock onto flagstick with impediments in the background and other things. The rangefinder has been fortified with magnification and yard accuracy thus it can acquire distance to numerous targets at once.

Slope technology

Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinderThis Laser rangefinder has slope technology that performs accurately and well as an added feature. It just needs to be used with one hand for focusing and even for modes and functions too. The Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder for more precision, automatically computes and displays the slope adjusted the distance.

It also shows the range to pin and along with it measures and includes or declines. The Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder has a feature that makes it legal for playing tournaments. Only by clicking a button the slope function is turned off. When a flag is locked into position, the player will always get a signal.

Pin Acquisition Technology

The technology comes in handy to those with little or no experience when it comes to using the laser rangefinder. The P.A.T provides greater accuracy by locking onto the pins from 300 yards far. In short, this feature enhances precision.

The Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder[/easyazon_link] provides an accuracy of + or -1 yard. To acquire multiple locations other than the flag it has dual modes and scan modes for pin locating. The scan modes come in handy when you are getting different target distances and also precise estimations on the yard. This technology happens to have the first target priority mode.

6X Magnification

Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinderTo allow for easy landscape scanning and pin targeting to acquire as many targets as possible. The golf rangefinder has high quality 6x magnification. It offers accuracy which equals to 1000 yards which are +-1 yard exact.

This accuracy feature is enhanced by the monocular power of the 6x magnification power and also comes in handy to suit both the gurus and amateurs in golfing. It allows for straightforward aiming since it has a superior magnifying capacity. It has a feature which is similar to that of binoculars since it focuses dial in the eyepiece just in case of mistiness.

LCD display

The LCD display happens to bring into focus things that are miles/yards away from your target. The readable LCD display shows P.A.T indicator and zero-in targeting technology. The LCD display also comes in handy when the battery is low.

The low battery indicator is present on the LCD display and can lead to inaccurate readings, so the best option is to replace the battery. Also if you are pressing the LCD display power button and it is not available that calls for low battery power.

Advanced construction

Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinderThe Callaway 300 laser rangefinder is made with precision in a lustrous chic design. The Birdie feature confirms distance to the flagstick by projecting a distinct chirp. The Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder is easy to carry around and comes with an inbuilt belt loop thus there is less fatigue.

It has a shock absorber against mechanical damage; this is the tough rubber coating. It can also be used in the field uninterruptedly despite extreme weather condition since it is sealed to keep fog and moisture at bay. The sealing also protects the rangefinders inner components and inhibits the dangers posed by rain.


Even if you are focusing, you can still use one hand for the functions and modes. The Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder performs with precision and accuracy. While the locking positions always signal the player when a pin or flag is locked into place, the slope adjusting technology ensures the measurement of skills in either a declined or inclined field.

Furthermore, it can scan for multiple targets which can help the golfers to improve their skills in training days. The rangefinder comes with a manual that allows the beginners to have a comprehensive guide. This manual makes it hustle free to operate.

What we liked

  • It has been made with durability though it’s very light. It is compact and has a chic finish.
  • It is well sealed to keep off water and protect it from extreme weather conditions when golfing and conducting range finding events.
  • It has scanned and pinpointed mode to pin up to yards that are equals to 1000 yards’ measurement.
  • A.T. This mode helps in tracking of multiple targets and functions without blurriness in the background.

What we didn’t like

  • Inconsistent readings if you shake a lot.
  • Pin lock only works for 300 yards.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: Is the sloped in degrees or percent display?

A: The slope is displayed in the function of yardages. The yardages depend on how much above or below you are in a hole; it will tell you how many yards it can manage to play and the exact yardage to the hole.

Q: Does it only look for pins or can I also lock onto anything so that I find the distance?

A: The 300 rangefinder happens to give you yardages to anything that you pin

Q: Does it come with a case?

A: Yes. The 300 laser finder comes with a carrying case. A massive type of cloth case.

Conclusion About Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder

The Callaway 300 rangefinder happens to be a significant investment since it balances between the price and the quality. It is also very efficient since it has high magnification power, slip-resistant edges and a pin-down technology.

It is the best when it comes to sleek designing and is super light too enabling the golfer to use it for his convenience. If you just want to get accurate yardages without breaking the bank, the Callaway 300 laser rangefinder is the one rangefinder to look forward to using. It’s reasonable, simple to use and reliable.

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