Custom Fit Golf Club | All You Need To Know

custom fit golf clubs

If you are looking to convert your swings into points, then there is a need for you to consider custom fitting. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the most important information about the custom fit golf club. The information will help you understand the essence of custom fitting and improve your golfing experience.

What is the importance of custom fitting?

Many people, more so rookies in golfing battle with this question. If you have hard many of the sports pros around talking, you might have heard them emphasizing the use of custom equipment. Well, this position is not any different from golf. Most of the professional golfers can make do with just about any other kind of golf club.

However, they would need to adjust their swinging patterns to meet the settings of the gold clubs. Now, how many people can do that? Not many.

The custom fit golf club is tuned to meet your swinging patterns. It is much easier to adjust the golf club to meet your swinging pattern than to adjust your swings to meet the settings of the golf club.

Buying custom fit clubs

The term custom fit golf club is overly used in the golfing industry. You might come across some people who might intend to sell you already custom fitted golf clubs.

Well, this might not sound like a good idea because the purpose of custom fitting is to ensure that you tune the club to the specifications that are identical to yourself.

It is quite challenging to marry the features of an already custom fitted golf club to your swings. With time, you might realize that the club you though are quite custom fitted does not meet your needs.

Therefore, do not spend much money purchasing custom fit golf club that does not necessarily meet your swing needs.


Custom Fit Golf Club


Online custom fitting

Online custom fitting is yet another form of trick that you should be wary about. You have probably come across some of the online custom fitting companies that allow you to insert your height, size of your hand, handicap, and the average distance that you normally hit the ball. The fact is that this is a universal way of solving a personal problem.

When you want to custom fit your golf club, you should probably see a professional fitter who will spend about an hour to custom fit your golf club. During the fitting process, the fitter might want to know the problems you’ve experienced with the club, assess the specifications of your current clubs, take specific static measurements from you, assess the dynamics of your swings and shot performances, as well as allow you to test some various options of shafts and heads. With this experience, you might gain some confidence that you are dealing with a professional fitter.

Can you order custom fit clubs?

So, you have gone to the professional fitter, and he/she has fitted your golf club to your satisfaction. Then you think to yourself that there is no need to visit them again because they have provided you with the right specs for your golf club.

Instead, you prefer to go to the golf club manufacturing company, provide them with these specifications and have them produce a club with the same specs.

While the idea seems brilliant and convenient, it does not work most of the time. This is because most of the golf club manufacturing company, just like any other, has a tolerance rate.

Therefore, it is possible that the company might allow an error of +/- 1 deg, and this automatically veers off the specific setting of the club. Therefore, the best way to make certain that your club is fitted to meet your swing needs is to visit a professional fitter.

Club fitting is an ongoing process

You would think that ones you have fitted your golf club or bought one that is fitted already, you might not need another fitting job done. Well, you have a long way to go. Club fitting is a continuous process. The reason behind this is that with time, your golfing capabilities would change.

Custom Fit Golf Club

For example, you might not have the strength you used to have to hit the golf further. When changing or renewing spectacles, one might want to ensure that their eyesight has not changed, and if it has, they might require a different lens. In the same way, your golfing tactics might change over time, and it might require you to adjust the handling of your club.

New technology

You have probably seen some of the recent adverts about the new technology that is going to revolutionize your golfing experience. Well, we might not want to dispute these claims as such, but one thing that most golfers have learned is that technology cannot work on its own. One of the major issues with this technology is that it might not meet the requirements of your swings.

Every golfer has different preferences for the golfing club, and that technology cannot take care of the needs of every golfer at the same time. Therefore, you should avoid subscribing to the various technological innovations that are used in the golfing industry.

While they might serve some purpose, they might not address your golfing specifications as long as the length of the club. Length, the weight of the shaft, face angle and flex are not suitable for you, innovative technologies might not serve any purpose.


If you want to enjoy your golfing, you might want to ensure that you have the right club. Having the right club might indicate that you seek the services of a professional custom fitter. Custom fitting a golf club is not a universal thing. It is challenging to find an already custom fitted club that works for all golfers at the same time.

This is probably why you would not want to buy a custom fitted club because it might not suit your needs. Custom fitting is a continuous process, and every time you feel like your club is somewhat letting you down, you might want to check with your custom fitter, explain to them some of the problems you are experiencing with the club and let them have a solution for you.