Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer Review | Proper Guide

Practice is the foundation of success in any sport. You can experiment, develop consistency, perspective, and finally perfect it. Besides talent, you will be amazed at how much more effort a golf pro had to put to be where they are today. Did you know the Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer can guide you along this path?

This app is keen to detail in every aspect of your swing. It will record you take a swing, analyze it for you then compare with other well-taken shots. It will record your movements, speed, angles just to name but a few. You can run the app on your mobile device just as you do with normal apps.

Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer Review

The app comes with a small device that you have to connect to your club. To operate it, you first have to set up the club and your target, start it and let it pair automatically with the device. You can then take your address posture then proceed to take your swings. You will then proceed to analyze and compare them.

You can record and view playbacks of the recorded swing

With the assistance of your smart device camera, you can record yourself taking a swing. You set the device strategically and let it scan your address posture. The app then lets you know when it is ready to shoot as you take your swing.

The app records you while taking your swing and display it for you in a 3-D form. Consequently, you can check out the playback video and follow every small detail. You can view out any part of the video by simply sliding it to move forward and backward.

The document recorded playback images

Documenting video is very important because it tells you when and where you took the images. In addition, you can differentiate one video from the other using special names. The app comes with a special press pen icon that leads you to an interface where you can write your names.

To document your swings, simply type the names you intend to give to your images on a keyboard. Then press save and you are done. You can further influence the arrangement of the images in your file manager for convenience. If done correctly, documenting your work can make work very easy.

Analyze your video precisely 

It has all the features that work precisely to give you the best details about your swing. First, you can view closely at the time of impact. It will precisely show you the face angle of your swing. In addition, you will check the club path, attack angle and the swing tendency of your swings.

Secondly is your speed. Besides the estimated carry on the ball, you will learn the head speed and your natural uncocks when taking the swing. You can also monitor rotations, tempo, and rhythm by keenly observing backswings and downswings.

Compare more than one analyzed image to another

You will love the ability of this app to compare two analyzed images. Therefore, you can deduce the aspects of well-taken shots and compare them with other shots. Just press the view to see different angles of the image. In fact, you will touch on the image manually to change its view.

You can check the swinging plane with a v zone to check the half-back positions of your images. Nevertheless, you can view your club path on your frame-to-frame images and compare results. You can also check the top positions and compare them. There is so much that you can compare in swings.

Upload your images to m-tracer view website

Them-tracer view website is just like other websites where you log in and upload your images. The essence is they offer secure storage and enable you to access your images whenever you need them. All you will require is a password to log in just like on other websites.

This golf trainer app is definitely taking golf to the next level. It comes with a cloud icon on the library page that you press to upload your images. However, you will have to be connected to a working internet connection. The app then synchronizes to update the server then upload the images for future use.

The informative description of every aspect of the app

Have you ever used an app that you do not understand most of its content and features? You will come to learn that you are underusing it. This app is among them. However, you can always press a description at any time for more detailed information on any content of the app.

The detailed information is well described and illustrated with good images to enhance a better understanding of the concepts. Every detail of the app always comes with a call to action that you click to direct you further. It is essential for virtually anyone as you will be able to learn new information.


  • It gives you a 3-D view so that you look down the line.
  • Uses a frame- by -frame animated images so that you can follow the path of your swing clearly.
  • Compare different swings to every small detail
  • Easy to use and set up as it automatically pairs up with any club.
  • The intelligent app scans your starting position and lets you know when to take your swing for the best results.


  • It is a bit expensive just for leisure
  • Does not use your live images in analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For how much would the device and app go for?

A: The normal price of such a device would range around $250 but the price is subject to changes due to market forces

Q: How close should I use the app with the device when taking my swing?

A:  The app should be in a range where your camera can capture the images nicely because it depends on your smart device camera to function.

Q:  What type of OS is the application compatible with or works with better?

 A:  The app works well with any type of device as long as it runs on Android or iOS but you can look forward to future developments.

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 Final verdict

Are you a golfer in need of a perfect golf training device? If I were you, I would not hesitate to acquire this app. It is so keen to detail to every aspect in a swing. This app would come in handy for a golf trainer, as it is easy to explain concepts to your learners.

It is simply amazing how much technology can make things easier. Any golf trainer will agree that this app is a game-changer. Can you imagine how difficult it is to explain certain aspects such as a swing angle without numerical figures? With all said and done, it is time you inspire your game with this app.