How To Load Your Bag on The Push Cart

In the golfing world, there is a common argument that revolves around the issue of how to carry your golf bag in the field. As a golfer, you have several options on how you can go about this. You may opt to carry the bag on your back, use a golf cart that you can ride or use the pushcart.

Golfers who have underlying health issues choose to use the electric golf carts due to their comfort and ease of use. Most of the veteran golfers also opt for this mode of carrying the golf bags. Young golfers and those who want to keep fit will either opt to carry the bags on their back or use the pushcarts.

How to load your bag on the push cart

The push cart is designed to make your movements on the green easier and comfortable. To load your push cart, you must ensure that you have packed items on the bags in the order of priority. The golfing items that you will require frequently should be made easily accessible. As you purchase a push cart, you must ensure that it fits in with the type of bag you are using.  These are the necessary steps that you should follow to load your bag onto the push cart.

  1. Push carts are normally folded before storage. The first thing to do is to unfold the cart and let it stand on its own. This allows you to have enough spaces for your golf bag and other accessories.
  2. As you unfold the cart, make sure that the long side of the cart is facing away from you. This is a safety measure to avoid any injuries in the process.
  3. After unfolding the push cart, it is now time to have the wheels in position. As you do this place your foot on the front wheel, then lift front handle, pushing the back wheels out. Make sure that the wheels are secured in place by locking the levers.
  4. Now you have the push cart ready to receive your golf bag. Before you secure the bags onto the cart, ensure that it is empty.  Use the bag straps to secure the bag onto the golf push cart.
  5. Loading your bag; once the bag is fully secured onto the push cart, it is your time to arrange your golf clubs and other essential equipment in the bag.

How to pack your golf equipment

As a golfer, you do not need to carry everything ion your bag. You require the most important things that you will require for the game. This includes; your golf clubs, tees, golf ball, gloves, a beverage, some snack and any other necessity you might require. With all these necessities in your bag, they must be properly arranged.

This is the order that you should follow

  • Have the clubs in the back part of the bag. The bags are manufactured with many storage sections for the club. Some have as few as three sections, while others can have as much as fourteen sections. All this depends on the manufacturer.
  • The short irons like the wedges will be placed in the short fronts sections. For the putter, you can place it in either the back or front sections. Some bags have a side attachment for this purpose; they can also be put in a special tube or a
  • The hybrids and mid to low irons will fit in the middle sections.
  • The golf balls need to be in the large zippered pockets. Place the tees in the smaller pockets. Same applies to the ball markers, green-repair tools, spike wrench and gloves
  • In the long pocket that extends along the length of the bag place your rain jacket, hat and the rain cover for the clubs.
  • If your bag has an insulated pocket, this is where to place your water or beverage. Select another pocket for the snacks ensuring that they won’t be crushed.

Parts of a push cart

The golf push carts have revolutionized the golfing experience today. Many companies are dedicated to the manufacture of the push carts. Modern push carts come with unique features that make playing golf more enjoyable and memorable experience. Modern push carts have more advanced than their predecessors.

They are fitted with special features that make them easy and convenient to use. Most modern designs are the three-wheeled push carts, though there are some that have four wheels. They are made of lightweight powder-coated aluminum tubes that are resistant to rust. Most of these carts are foldable to enable you as a golfer to transport them.

Benefits of using a push cart

     1.  It makes walking easier

As a golfer, the main exercise is walking around the green. If you walk carrying your golfing equipment on your back or with your hands, you will easily get tired, and you may not enjoy your game. The pushcarts act as the saviors under these circumstances.

Using the pushcart for your golf bag on the golf course is a good way of doing workouts for your hands and also arm muscles. How you will achieve this depends on how fast or slow you push the cart. You will require more energy to push the carts slower, compared to pushing the cart faster.

     2. Relaxation

Pushing the golf cart is an easy way of relaxing after long intervals of playing and walking in the golf course. Continuous playing and walking will wear you out, thus the need for an activity that will help you relax before resuming your play.

     3. Avoiding injuries

Carrying your golf clubs and other essential equipment on your back may lead to injuries on your joints especially the knee, back, and ankle joints. With the pushcart, you can also load your personal belongings on the cart and avoid any injuries

Final Word

With your bag on the pushcart, fully packed, you are now ready to start your golfing experience. If you pack your golf bag well you will find it easy playing the game since you have what you require at the right time, without having to search for them. The most important part of loading the golf bag onto the pushcart is arranging the items in the bag.