Suaoki 600M Digital Laser Golf Rangefinder Scope Review

Many years back, golfers an old method of counting steps amid the yardage posts and then they would guess the location of the flag from the center of the green. This method is inaccurate and time-consuming. Today, the use of rangefinders is important in determining the actual distance when the ball.

There is a wide range of rangefinders out there and the Suaoki 600M Digital Laser Golf Rangefinder Scope is common among many golf players. This is an excellent device that allows you to get accurate measurements without moving closer.

Suaoki 600M Digital Laser Golf Rangefinder Scope


You will benefit a lot from this laser rangefinder when playing golf or other sports. This rangefinder is great for both beginners and tutor professionals. Let’s find out some of the outstanding features of this rangefinder.

Accuracy and Range

The first thing every golfer wants when buying a rangefinder is accuracy. You can be sure to get correct measurements with this device all the time. Its 6x magnification together with the 1-meter accuracy ensures that you get correct results even at closer distances.

This means that there is no room for miscalculations or guesswork. The rangefinder provides a long range of up to 600 meters so you can get measurements and other information without the need of getting closer.


This is one of the most portable and compact rangefinders that you can find on the market today. It is a great companion when you are going out for hunting, golfing or shooting among other activities.

Because of its small size, it becomes very easy to take it with you wherever you are going. Additionally, it is rainproof, lightweight and comes with a bet mounted bag for easy carrying. It also weighs 6oz which makes it a lightweight and compact device.


The rangefinder has adaptable modes so you can use it for whatever purpose you want. These modes include range, golf distance correction, flagpole lock, height and speed, and horizontal distance.

You can also make good use of the user personalization feature that allows you to hide some of the measurements modes that you do not need or use. By doing this way, it becomes easy and fast to use the rangefinder.

Display and lens

It is easy to see all the details on the bright LCD screen. The best part is that the rangefinder features a side screen that helps you read the measurements without strain on your eyes. It also comes with a standard objective lens measuring 21 inches.


This multipurpose gadget can be used in different activities and you don’t have to worry about the rain when you are outdoors.

It is designed with a rainproof casing that allows you to use it in the rain without worrying about damaging the device. This casing is also strong and sturdy making the device durable.

Ease of use

A good rangefinder should be easy to work with and this is exactly what you get from this device. It provides you with a single hand operation. This compact device will give accurate measurements without slowing you down when you are using it.

Package contents

There are other several things included in the package. Apart from the rangefinder, you will also get a user manual, carrying bag, CR2 battery, wiping cloth and a lanyard. All these are essential items that will enhance the use and maintenance of the rangefinder.


  • Lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • It has a rainproof casing and nylon carrying case
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It works well when hunting
  • Designed with a sturdy casing making it durable
  • It is rainproof so you can use it in any weather condition


  • To get maximum accuracy, you have to hold the device steadily
  • Too basic for professional golfers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this rangefinder work in measuring height?

A: The rangefinder works well in measuring objects that are about 2 yards tall and provides an accurate reading in yards. But if you want to get the measurements in inches, it might not really help.

Q: What is the lifespan of the batteries?

A: The battery works well. I bought my device a year ago and the battery is still working well. I have not experienced any problems so far.

Q: Is this rangefinder waterproof?

A: I have been using this rangefinder but I don’t think you can use underwater. However, it has a plastic shell that is resistant to water and I have used it severally in the rain without any problems.

Q: Apart from golfing, can I use this rangefinder in surveying and engineering?

A: This is a great rangefinder that can measure anything up to 600 yards. In as much as it is not always 100 percent accurate, it can do great well.

Q: Is it difficult to read the measurements for a person who wears glasses? I wear glasses and am looking for a rangefinder that will be easy to read the measurements with my glasses on.

A: I also wear glasses and I find it pretty difficult to read the distance measurements with my glasses on.

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Final Words

If you are looking for an accurate rangefinder for range shooting, hunting, golfing or any other sport, the Suaoki 600 M digital laser rangefinder will be an excellent purchase.

The rangefinder is easy to use and provides accurate measurements. It also comes with a convenient carrying case that provides safe and easy transportation or storage when you are not using the device.

This is an affordable rangefinder that provides you with many benefits. You can try it when playing golf or other activities and I believe you will find it useful.

If you are a professional player, you may find it basic because it is equipped with adequate features.