Things To Consider When Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs

One of the most popular and most played sport in the world is golf. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in golf, choosing the right set of clubs for your next game is necessary. Majority of golfers end up blaming on their clubs for a poor gameplay not knowing they are actually to blame for their poor choice of golf clubs.

One of the most widespread myths about golf clubs is that the higher the price of a club the better your game will be. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; the manufacturers are just out here to make profits after spending millions in designing these clubs. However, the type of golf club you are using may lower or increase the size of your handicap, regardless of the price tag on the club.

How good you play your game entirely depends on you and how good your set of clubs are. There are numerous models of golf clubs available in the market making golf club shopping a nightmare for beginners. The following guide will help you purchase your desired set of clubs whether you are a beginner or an expert in golfing.

1.Your levels of interest

Look at it this way, probably you are not into golfing most of the time you just want to buy a set of clubs just to play when you are on vacation or maybe only when you find some spare time. In such a case there’s no need for you to invest your effort and time or spend way too much in purchasing a golf club.

You just want a golf club that will just get the job done. On the other hand for the enthusiastic golfers who plan on playing on every chance they get or want to start on professional golfing, there’s a need to spend on some more expensive set of golf clubs.

2.Your level of skill

Any golfer is allowed to carry up to 14 clubs in a game, which includes Fairway (15-19) degrees, Driver of maximum 13 degrees and a minimum of 9.5 degrees, Hybrid golf club, iron set, wedge (SW or lw) and putter whose length depends on the player preference. This baseline set will help you choose equipment based on your handicap level.

A beginner golfer does not necessarily need all the 14 clubs; a driver or a Putter is just enough to help you get started on your game. This also lowers the amount of money spent on clubs for beginners. As your level of expertise increases so do the number of clubs in your bag increases.

3.Shaft options

A club’s shaft is the grip at the top of the club right above the club head.  It is made of either graphite or steel depending on the make of the club and is one of the major components of any golf club. Long shafted clubs play a role in the arc of a golfer’s swing, in this way; when using a long-shafted club’s long-distance shots are made and increased ball speed.

However, this only works for golfers who have a smooth and consistent swing. For those that struggle with maintaining a smooth swing, a shorter shaft will do them good. You might consider analyzing your swing before settling for any shaft. Graphite shafts are more expensive but are lighter and allow players to maximize swing speeds. The steel shafts are a bit less expensive but heavier which may hinder a player’s swing.

The shafts come in different flexes not considering the type of material used to make them. By different flexes, it means that a shaft can either be stiffer or more flexible. Stiffer shafts work perfectly for players with a faster swing speed this because it adds speed at impact to the club head resulting in increased ball distance.

4.Set your budget

Golf clubs can be very expensive especially if you are thinking about buying from the big names in the market. Anyway, as mentioned earlier your dedication to the game dictates how much you are going to spend on purchasing golf clubs. You don’t want to spend a fortune buying a whole set of clubs that will end up lying idle in the basement waiting till your next game, which will be probably on your next vacation or in the next 3 months.

An inexpensive set of clubs is a good option for many beginners too, who do not want to spend much on a game they have learned well. For those with a strong interest and plan on practicing regularly, go for more expensive clubs, they are more durable than the cheap ones meaning you will not have to go back in the market again for replacement. Remember, the price of a golf club does not affect how well you play the game.

5.Irons for your club head

Irons are the most common type of club and are differentiated by numbers (3 to 9) that indicate the loft angle on the clubface. High numbered golf irons have a higher loft angle increases the height of the flight arc and backspin. These give a golfer total control over the point of landing as well as reducing the distance a ball rolls after landing.

Club head irons are available in two basic types namely, forged and cast irons. For beginners or intermediate players, cast irons to have a large clubface or what most call “sweet spot” meaning there will be lower chances of mishitting the ball and increased forgiveness; in case of a not so perfect short.

Final Words

There you have it a complete guide that will see you choose a perfect set of a golf club for your next game. If your game is at expert level or decent enough, you might consider going for a custom-made clubs to suit your personal fittings. If you just looking for shopping golf equipment in a cost-effective way, it is not a bad idea purchasing pre-owned golf clubs especially if you are unsure of your commitment to golf.